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Awesome Gifts for Dancers

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

The holidays are right around the corner. I love giving a gift that the recipient will really love, that shows I really know him/her and took my time finding something special. If you have a dancer on your list, here's some awesome gift ideas for dancers!

Turning board, Frank Frog Pirouetter. I know, you're thinking "a WHAT?!" It's a board that helps dancers perfect their pirouettes (turns). This is definitely not for a young dancer, but more for middle school or older dancer. With a turning board, all your dancer needs is a little space and they can work on balance, finding their center and spotting. There are many choices for turning boards out there, but this is my top pick; it's nice looking, it's strong and it doesn't scratch your floors.

Portable ballet barre by Marfula for practicing at home or taking dance classes online during the pandemic. This ballet barre is easy to assemble and the height is adjustable. It also comes with a bonus stretch band and a turning disc. It's easy to store (it comes with a carry bag) and is a great price.

Learning to stretch on your own and making progress can be very difficult. The Main Dancer Stretch Band is a great gift for dancers wishing to improve their flexibility. It comes with an easy to follow instruction book. If your dancer uses this on a regular basis, he/she will quickly see improvement.

There are a ton of cute shirts out there for dancers. This is one of my favs; Plie Chasse Jete All Day - one of my favorite things about ballet is that most ballet terminology is in French. This shirt is like a secret message to other dancers (I dance too!) and non-dancers will wonder what it means!

These adorable Degas socks!

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