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Learn How to Make a Ballet Bun

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

As a ballet teacher, the "messy" bun is like nails on a chalk board to me. I am a believer in the notion that you dance better if you "look the part" - that means wear a nice leotard that you like, pink tights without any runs or holes in them, the proper shoes and put your hair in a ballet bun.

There are plenty of youtube tutorials that will teach you to put your hair up properly for ballet class, but I'll give a quick explanation here too.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Brush or comb - no explanation really needed here.

  • Ponytail holder - whatever kind of pony tail holder you like will probably work, but I like these. They don't have any metal on them that can get caught in your hair.

  • Hairpins - hairpins are different than bobbie pins. Hairpins are "U" shaped, like a bobbie pin bent out of shape. They hold more hair when you're making a bun. A bobbie pin will slide right out and your bun won't stay secure while you're dancing.

  • An invisible hairnet - you need something to keep all the stray hairs from sticking out. A ballerina's bun doesn't just stay in place with hairpins alone. Even if your hair is all one length, as you wrap it around to create a bun, pieces will start to stick out. You'll need an invisible hairnet to keep all of your hair in the bun.

  • Hair clips or barrettes - these will come in handy if you have a hair cut with different lengths, or you just want to be sure you don't have any whispies.

  • Hairspray

Or... here's a ballet bun kit!

First, use a comb or brush to pull your hair back into a ponytail - don't just pull it back without smoothing it out with a comb or brush. You aren't going to get the "look" of a ballerina without taking the time to comb or brush your hair!

After you've secured your hair in a ponytail, with any whispies sprayed down with hairspray or pinned back, it's time to make a bun. The easiest way is to tightly twist your ponytail and then wrap it around the hair tie. Once you've wrapped it around, use hair pins to secure it in four or five spots around the bun. Then take your invisible hairnet out and wrap it around your bun to keep all those stray strands of hair in place. Add a few hair pins around the bun in any spots that don't feel secure.

Add anything cute that you might want, like a ribbon, flower or a scrunchie. just make sure it's something that will stay while you're dancing and won't be distracting. Lastly, give your hair a good spray with your hairspray just to be certain it stays while your dancing!

There you go! You're ready for ballet class! You look the part now, go out and dance your best!

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