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Choosing Ballet Shoes

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

So you're looking for your child's first ballet shoes... you've come to the right place! I'll help you choose the ballet shoes that will give your child the best experience.

I'm guessing that you're a mom or dad, or even a grandparent and you've decided to give your child the wonderful gift of dance. I couldn't be more excited for you and your child! Let's make it the best possible experience by setting your child up for success! There are so many choices; from just going to Walmart or Target, to actually purchasing from a dance apparel store or website. For a young dancer (anyone under age 9 or so), I suggest you purchase a leather ballet shoe (pink for girls, black for boys), with a full sole, elastic and a draw string. A leather shoe, rather than faux leather, will form to your dancer's foot and allow her/him to articulate their feet inside the ballet shoes. It's not necessary for a young dancer to have a split sole (the sole is separated into two pieces) ballet shoe. The elastic across the top of the shoe may be just a single piece of elastic or two pieces that are crossed near the ankle - either is fine, it may depend on how it feels on your dancer's foot. Once you have your child's ballet shoes, it's a good idea to have the dance instructor to check and be sure that the shoes fit properly.

There you go! Easy-peasy! Now be sure to check with your dance studio regarding their dress code (some studios are very particular). Then it's time to find a leotard and tights! Don't worry, I'll help you! Check out my post about choosing the proper dance clothes here!

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