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Flexibility Equipment Review

If you're considering purchasing flexibility equipment for yourself or your dancer, check out my reviews first. Some equipment really requires an advanced student, or at least adult supervision. But there are certainly some items that even younger dancers could use without needing an adult there to help.

Without a doubt, my favorite and simplest choice is PlumBand. Some times the simplest products are the best. No moving parts to break, no crazy instructions to decipher, and no need for an adult to help a young dancer set it up. The PlumBand comes with a booklet with simple instructions and pictures, and a nice bag for storage. There are color choices; pink, blue and purple, as well as size choices (small for dancers under 4'8" and regular for dancers 4'9" and taller.

My next choice would be the Stretch Band by The Main Dancer. The stretch band attaches to the top of a door (so your dancer needs to be tall enough to reach the top of the door or you need to be around to help) with a non-scratch strap, and then the stretch band loops through it. It also comes with an easy to follow instruction book. The only real problem I see with this is that you need an open space near the door - so if your doors all have an adjacent wall, it's going to be hard to stretch your leg to the side, unless you are already pretty flexible - and in that case, you probably don't really need this! But if you have a door in the middle of a hallway, like a bathroom door, it shouldn't be a problem. Since there are no moving parts, it's a simple device that's easy to use.

The last one that I'd recommend is the Lexi Band. This one is actually stretchy and the resistance of the stretch is what you use to help with your flexiblity. Like the others, it comes with instruction cards with easy to follow directions and pictures, and it comes in a nice drawstring bag for storage.

Again, I think simple is best in the case of flexibility equipment. The more moving parts and/or gadgets the more likely you will have a problem with it. And finding something that your dancer can use on their own without needing you to set it up for them, or watch to be sure they are being safe, is important so that he/she gets as much use as possible out of it.

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