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Ideas for Nutcracker Gifts

Is your dancer performing in the Nutcracker this year? Virtual or live, it's a wonderful experience that he/she will likely remember for years to come. I've got a few suggestions for the perfect gift to buy your dancer, either as a performance gift or for the holidays.

Of course, we should start with a Nutcracker of their very own! If your dancer is anything like I was when I was performing in the Nutcracker, he/she will need a Nutcracker for the numerous shows performed at home for you! I made my parents sit through the entire Nutcracker as I tried to dance every part! And it wasn't just once! It was a nightly performance! I have a collection of nutcrackers, but my favorites are the nutcrackers made in Germany by Kurt Adler. They're sturdy, and come in several sizes and all different characters.

Another great gift at this time of year is a ballet ornament, or Nutcracker ornament for the tree. Many of them come in sets, so you could save some for future years and they'd have a nice little collection!

A dvd or digital download of a professional ballet company performing The Nutcracker is another great idea. I could watch George Balanchine's Nutcracker over and over! There's also books on the Nutcracker; including this one by Susan Jeffers. And there's jewelry or a jewelry box.

I could go on and on, there are so many neat ideas based on the Nutcracker. I'm sure you'll find something your dancer will love!

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