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Jazz Shoes, Dance Sneakers and More

There are so many choices for dance shoes, besides the obvious (ballet and tap shoes). How do you know what's right for your dancer? Well, my first suggestion would be to ask their teacher which shoes they should be wearing. If your dance teacher doesn't have a preference, or your dancer just wants to try something new, here are a few thoughts...

Jazz shoes - my favorite jazz shoes are Bloch Neo-Flex Leather and Neoprene Slip-on. I love the neoprene fabric that hugs the arch of your foot. It feels good (a little added arch support) and your foot looks nice pointed, even for dancers with not much of an arch.

Dance sneakers - my favorite dance sneakers are Capezio Rockit Dance Sneaker. I really would not recommend to my own students to buy these, but I think they are great for teaching long hours. They have a split sole, so they point nicely. They are sturdy so I can even stand en pointe for a short bit to demonstrate something. And they turn easily, not too much traction, but enough so it's not slippery.

Contemporary shoes - some dancers don't like dancing completely barefoot, and Bloch Eclipse Canvas shoes are a great alternative. It looks similar to dancing barefoot (certainly more so than wearing a full shoe) and it saves your feet from blisters and callouses on our toes and the ball of your foot.

Dance socks - a little bit of a more recent trend is dance socks. I love the Blochsox Ballet Flats. They come in several different colors and they have traction on the bottom. The best of both worlds, it feels like dancing in your socks, but it's not too slippery. I love the feel of being able to dance confidently in socks. Especially in jazz, modern or contemporary classes!

Do you have a type / brand of shoe that you want to know more about? Drop me a note and I'll look into it!

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