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My 5 Favorite Ballet Books for Young Dancers

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

It's time to start your holiday shopping! And have I got a list for you! Here are my top 5 favorite ballet books for young dancers...

Fancy Nancy Budding Ballerina - a super cute story about the well-known Fancy Nancy, as she teaches her entire family ballet!

Boys Dance! - over the last year or so a spotlight has shone on boys that dance. American Ballet Theatre has this wonderful book encouraging boys to dance and to be proud of it too! This is a perfect gift for any boy who wants to dance.

Angelina Ballerina - this book tells the story of how Angelina Ballerina started ballet. It reminds me of so many dancers I know (including myself) as she dances everywhere she goes!

Ballet Stars - a cute story about ballet class and a performance for families. It's great for beginner readers.

Tallulah's Tutu - I love that Tallulah starts out wanting to take ballet to get a tutu. But when she doesn't receive a tutu at ballet class (she quits!), she begins to realize that dancing ballet is more about dancing than wearing a tutu and she finds her way back to ballet class.

If you're looking for more suggestions, start here! Ballet class and ballerinas are a great topic when searching for books for young dancers.

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